Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Roles at SGP

The roles we play when providing our services include...

·Profitability Strategists - Review your financials and re-package them to demonstrate profitability and potential, and to maximize shareholder value

·Equity Builders - Build the substantial value of your firm

·New Business Developers - Train you to generate new business and referrals

·Presentation Experts - Train you to design more effective presentations

·Turnaround Specialists - Restore your firm to sound management, growth, profitability and a realistic vision of the future

·Executive Recruiters - Find and place talented executive level staff

·Management Consultants - Strategic management consulting

·Packagers - Present your company to accentuate the positives so its true value is unmistakable

·Deal Finders - Find the buyer, merger, and/or acquisition opportunity suitable for you

·Negotiators - Develop term sheets and contracts, and lead the negotiations

·Facilitators - Move the negotiations along, between you and the other party and/or among members of your executive team

·Management Coaches - Serve as a sounding board for key executives enabling them to achieve their full potential

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