Friday, June 7, 2013

Lean Out

I totally related to the cover story by Sheelah Kolhatkar in Blumberg Businessweek June 3- June 9.  Sheelah praised the new generation of “Alpha Dads.” She exemplified the Toronto office of Deloitte’s Consulting Group, about their flexibility in work-life balance and the resulting increased productivity.  Leaving the office early to attend a son’s hockey game and then logging in from home office does not in any way hurt the firm.  If anything, it helps it.  The “Deloitte Dads,” the “fraternity of paternity” have received extensive media coverage as manager Jonathan Magder, 35, stated, “if I leave for the day, I’m just changing my (work) location.” The Deloitte Dads were inspired by the Deloitte mothers group, “Career Moms” which now has four chapters in Canada, promoting networking and more flexible schedules for working parents with young children.  It is a “Lean In” prototype for parenting executives, inspired by the bestselling book “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.

When my son, now 23, was growing up I missed many of his basketball, soccer & martial arts events because I was working.  That was a mistake that I will not repeat with my wonderful young daughter, Jaime, now 6.  I now make it my priority to be at every event at school & sports activities.  Seeing her evolve as an excellent swimmer has been very gratifying.

It’s all about flexibility in scheduling, efficient prioritizing and careful time management.  The IPAD, blackberry and other new media and mobile devices make it even less of a challenge.  As the Toronto based manager of Deloitte said “I’m just changing my work location.” 

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